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Received 01 December 2013
Received in revised form 07 December 2013
Accepted 18 December 2013
Available online 28 December 2013


Macronutrients; soil fertility; nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium

Analysis of macronutrients and fertility status in soil samples collected from residential areas in and around Cuddalore district

V.Ramnath*, A.Lawrance, M.Maria Caroline Rebellow and D.Leemarose Mary

PG & Research Department of Biochemistry, St.Josephs College of Arts and Science (autonomous), Manjakuppam, Cuddalore - 600 001, India.

*Corresponding Author:   

Abstract: A study to examine macronutrient contents and soil fertility status was conducted in residential areas in and around cuddalore district. Thirty six soil samples (six samples from each area) were collected randomly and subjected to analysis for the general fertility status with special concentration over the amounts of macronutrients. The laboratory analysis results revealed that, soil sample from all the areas did not satisfy the required amount of macronutrients necessary for the growth of vegetables. The recommendations stressed on the addition of calculated quantities of fertilizers may show appreciable increase in satisfying the required amount of macronutrients for effective growth of vegetables

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